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In terms of weight loss, what you a new mom drinks, researchers have discovered, may actually be more important than what you eat, especially those at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. A 2009 study at the institution has found a significant relationship between weight loss and beverage consumption. In order to lose weight effectively its also necessary to reduce liquid beverage calorie intake which has been found to pose a stronger impact to weight than the usual solid calorie intake.

Having just given birth you should be mindful of what you drink if your aim is to lose or control your weight. As an added insight, beverages could be categorized based on nutritional composition and calorie content. Sugar sweetened drinks consist of fruit drinks, regular soft drinks, fruit punch, and high-calorie beverages that are sweetened. Diet drinks comprise of diet soda and all other drinks that are strategically artificially sweetened to eliminate the fattening effects of sugar. Other categories include milk, pure fruit juices, coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages.

Sweetened drinks are logically those that are identified as liquid calories. If you intend to lose excess weight you should stay away from sweetened drinks, no matter what manufacturers claim about their weight loss benefits. This is because in general, such beverages are associated with the onset of obesity due to the high sugar content. Therefore, reducing the consumption of liquid calorie drinks could help you on your way to effective and long-lasting weight loss.

Drink pure water

To help you jumpstart your weight loss initiative following child birth you should drink at least two liters of pure clean water everyday. Experts advise that you should not count juices, tea or coffee when measuring the total amount of liquid you drink each day. Pure water is important, as we all know, as it effectively flushes out accumulated toxins from your body. Two liters of water is equivalent to about 8 glasses of water which is the normal and recommended volume of water your body needs each day.

Are you aware that your body could lose at least two liters of liquid everyday through perspiration alone? Therefore, theres always a need to replace this lost amount of water from your body each and every day even if you are not trying to lose weight.

Whereas drinking water is the safest drinking option to assist in your weight loss goals, drinking beverages in moderation is acceptable as they can help to provide much needed nutrients and vitamins that are present in fruit drinks etc. You should also be aware that many experts advise that you do not consume more than three liters of liquid in any one day as this could lead to a condition known as over-hydration which can cause the loss of important salts that your body needs.

Drinking tea

Not too many women are aware that drinking tea could be beneficial when losing weight after giving birth. A green tea cup is found to contain epigallocatechin gallate and minimum caffeine, which when taken together could bolster noradrenalin that could help the mothers body boost metabolism (and burn more calories) and effectively suppress appetite (to lower the urge to eat and eat uncontrollably).

Aside from that, are you aware that drinking green tea could be an ideal substitute for drinking coffee especially for women who aim to lose weight? To begin with, green tea already tastes terrific on its own that there is usually no need to add even minimal amounts of sugar. Drinking green tea in raspberry flavor or adding a little drop of pure honey to it could spell a sweet tasting elixir that would aid weight loss strategies of women who just gave birth.

As mentioned, green tea could effectively speed up metabolism. Just a cup a day could spell a great difference in terms of calorie count. Even if you are just sitting down while enjoying your cup of green tea, you are already losing weight. As an appetite suppressor, research has found that green tea contains liquid, nutrients, and a little fiber from tea leaves that could fill a persons stomach. Thus, hunger could be effectively satiated. Drink at least a cup of green tea daily while you stay on your nutritious diet and simple exercise routines and surely, weight loss could be achieved in the shortest possible time.

Cut out on specialty coffee

It could be very difficult to lose weight after giving birth if you would not follow strict disciplinary principles. Although there is nothing specifically scientific about the risks of drinking coffee after giving birth, many studies have already found that for women to lose weight effectively postpartum, there is a need to significantly reduce or eliminate consumption of coffee. This is because of the simple reason that coffee is considered an empty calorie especially when sugar is added to make it taste better. If you are an enthusiast of coffee joints, it would also be time to temporarily set aside your cravings for specialty coffee, which come in sweet concoctions and in all possible consumption sizes.

Coffee has caffeine that may cause dehydration, which would be risky to overall health. If you could not help but drink coffee, make sure you do not take it strongly. Putting less or no sugar at all would also help. Replenish lost water in the body due to consuming a cup of coffee. That means if you drink a cup of coffee, you have to drink at least a glass of pure drinking water to recuperate for the loss of water.

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